Our professional local and long distance piano moving service has you in mind. Whether it's moving a piano upstairs, across town, or across the country, our service is piano moving with the utmost care.


    Since the piano is made of wood, it is affected by local changes in climate. Humidity fluctuations result in swelling and contracting of the wood, which lead to constant increases and decreases in wire tension. The tension or pitch changes is what affects the general tuning of the piano. If you would like to schedule a service for a tuning, it includes a pitch raise and tuning to A-440, cleaning, adjustment of the pedals, minor repairs or regulation. The fee is $145.00


    We provide general repair such as voicing, regulation and replacement of piano parts. Sometimes the repair can be done on-site in conjunction with a tuning.

    If you would like to request a quote for repairing a piano, we will ask a few questions and prepair a quick professional quote.


    If you are interested in restoring an antique piano, our restoration service specializes in taking pianos that have lost their original beauty, tone, and finish, and bringing them back to life.